ADOP (Online Patch ) 12.2 Steps

There are below 5 Phases of ADOP(online patching):

  2.  APPLY


1. Download the patch and unzip on patch_top.

2. Must go through Readme.html or readme.txt.

3. Prepare the system for patching

source the run file system


$ adop phase=prepare

4. Check the adop status

$ adop -status

5. Goto next phase called Apply Phase

$adop phase=apply patches=<patch_number>

$ adop -status

6. Goto next phase called Finalize Phase

$ adop phase=finalize

$ adop -status

7. Goto next phase called Cutover Phase

$ adop phase=cutover

$ adop -status

Note : kindly stop the Concurrent manager, go to

check the status and stop the concurrent manager
stop the concurrent manager  stop
To check the status of the concurrent manager 
ps -ef | grep FNDLIBR
if running concurrent manager 
kill the process_id
kill -9 <process _id>

8. Open new terminal, Source the environment 

. /oracle/WEPPROD/EBS1224/EBSapps run

Goto next phase called Cleanup Phase

$adop phase=cleanup

$ adop -status


Keep checking Status after every Phase (adop -status)

If there are some reason either the prepare or apply phase failed or any problems then you can abort this patching cycle.

$adop phase=abort

But always remember, after running abort, you must always run a full cleanup as:

$adop phase=cleanup cleanup_mode=full


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