APP-SQLAP-97731: The system cannot generate distributions because tax calculation failed due to the following error: error encountered in pa_flexbuild 


In Oracle Payables, when user click on all distributions for one invoice, using the invoice workbench form (APXINWKB.fmb), the following error occurs:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Payables Manager responsibility

1. Navigate to Invoices : Inquiry > Invoices

2. Query the invoice

3. Click on all distributions

4. The error is displayed


Workflow builder was not properly set.


In test instance where the issue exists, please do the following:

1. Go in Workflow builder > choose End process FND_FLEX_END_GENERATION > Click right > Choose Properties> in “Activity” tab for “Result Type” choose Flexfield Result > OK.

2. Open FND_FLEX_END_GENERATION > Go to the “Node” tab. For “Result” select “Success”.

3. Retest your issue.

4. If the issue is resolved, please migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

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