Application Cold Backup of ORACLE R12.2 step by steps

1. Crontab Check

If you want to take cold backup, first check-in Application Crontab Job scheduled or not  
Check the status of the crontab

[applprod@r12prdappl ~]$ crontab -l


00 17 * * * . /home/applprod/scripts/

00 01 * * 1-5 sh /home/applprod/scripts/ > /tmp/Prod_binaries_daily_bkp.log

Disable the crontab

[applprod@r12prdappl ~]$ crontab -e


00 17 * * * . /home/applprod/scripts/
#00 01 * * 1-5 sh /home/applprod/scripts/ > /tmp/Prod_binaries_daily_bkp.log

[applprod@r12prdappl ~]$

Please add sysmbol #
now check in status of the crontab -l

2. Pre clone the Application:

we connecting to Application user <appprod>

[applprod@r12prdappl ~]$ cd /a01/PROD/

[applprod@r12prdappl PROD]$  ls

EBSapps.env  fs2 fs1 script patches

Source the run file system

[applprod@r12prdappl PROD]$ . EBSapps.env

E-Business Suite Environment Information

RUN File System : /a01/PROD/fs1/EBSapps/appl
PATCH File System : /a01/PROD/fs2/EBSapps/appl
Non-Editioned File System : /a01/PROD/fs_ne
DB Host: Service/SID: PROD

E-Business Suite Environment Setting

– Enter [R/r] for sourcing Run File System Environment file, or

– Enter [P/p] for sourcing Patch File System Environment file, or

– Enter anything else to exit

Please choose the environment file you wish to source [R/P]:R

Sourcing the RUN File System …

Fs1 is Run file system

[applprod@r12prdappl PROD]$ cd $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

[applprod@r12prdappl scripts]$ ls

[applprod@r12prdappl scripts]$ perl appsTier

PROD Applications Preclone Successfully completed
Preclone script running max 7 to 8 mins

3. Concurrent Stop

To stop the Concurrent manager

[applprod@r12prdappl scripts]$ pwd

applprod@r12prdappl scripts]$ stop

You are running version 120.19.12020000.7

Enter the APPS username : apps

Enter the APPS password :********

We can check if the Concurrent processes are still running by

ps -ef |grep FNDLIBR

if running any concurrent manually kill the process id 

kill -9 process id 

kill -9 35345

4. Stop the All Services 

[applprod@r12prdappl scripts]

Enter the APPS username : apps
 Enter the APPS password :******
Enter the WebLogic Server password:*********

all services will be stop 3 to 4 mins

Once All service is stopped , We can check the status of application service

ps -ef | grep tns

[applprod@r12prdappl ~]$ ps -ef | grep tns

root 50 2 0 2019 ? 00:00:00 [netns]
applprod 32434 32407 0 02:31 pts/8 00:00:00 grep tns
6.Application Backup

Note : take backup before check mount point space is available or not connect to <root> user then will take backup

Backup of  Application location is /a01/PROD/fs1/EBSapps, because fs1 is  Run File system  , now we want take backup of EBSapps folder 
[root@r12prdappl PROD]#cd /a01/PROD/fs1/

[root@r12prdappl fs2]# ls

EBSapps FMW_Home inst

[root@r12prdappl fs2]## tar -cvzf   /a01/backup/11MAY20/prod_apps_fs1_ebsapps.tar.gz    




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