Basic Introduction of Database

Data :

realities or figures, Pieces of data. (Natural , Unorganized)

Data is an assortment of realities, like numbers, words, estimations, perceptions or only depictions of things. Subjective versus Quantitative.

Database :

It is a coordinated assortment of data.

A database set is a coordinated assortment of organized data, or information, commonly put away electronically in a PC framework.


to store and recover and alter information in the database .

is basically just a mechanized information keeping framework.


The product used to store, make due, question, and recover information put away in a social data set is known as a social data set administration framework (RDBMS).


Tables are data set protests that contain every one of the information in a data set. In tables, information is consistently coordinated in succession and section design.


(SQL) is a strong, non-procedural, information base language that is utilized to make, keep up with and recover the social data set (a kind of data set that gives and stores information that is connected with one another).


PL/SQL is a combination of SQL along with the procedural features of programming languages.

Relational Database

A relational Database is an assortment of data that puts together data of interest with characterized connections for simple access.

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