BEGIN FND_CP_GSM_IPC.Get_Message(:1,:2,:3,:4,:5,:6,:7,:8,:9,:10); END;

The below sessions are crucial and run for very long time. Upon verifying the live sessions in the instance, it can be seen those have run for months:

Those are internal concurrent program api calls used by the GSM for internal process communication to check the status of the different GSM component statuses. They should not be killed because that may create issues with GSM. If the concurrent manager is bounced, then they will also be restarted.

As per attached CP_Analyzer_TESTPROD_2022-04-08_11_35.html file, the provided action plan was not performed.

Concurrent:OPP Process Timeout is set to 300
Concurrent:OPP Response Timeout is set to 120

Please perform the following steps:

  1. in XML Publisher Administrator responsibility navigate to Administration > Configuration
  • under : Properties -> General -> set a temporary directory
    This directory should be at least 5 times larger than the largest anticipated data file.
    Support recommends the directory to be at least 20GB.
  1. in XML Publisher Administrator responsibility navigate to Data Definition
    Although the scalable feature of the XSLT can be set at the Site level, it is recommended to enable it rather at the Data Definition level for those concurrent programs that are expected to produce large XML data files.
    Navigation Path : XML Publisher Administrator responsibility
  • set ‘Use XML Publisher’s XSLT processor’ to True
  • set ‘Enable scalable feature of XSLT processor’ to True
  • set ‘Enable XSLT runtime optimization’ to True
    Note that these property values, when set at the Data Definition level, takes precedence over values set at the Site level.
  1. Then, in System Administrator responsibility, navigate to Profile > System
  • set Concurrent:OPP Process Timeout = 43200
  • set Concurrent:OPP Response Timeout = 43200
    (these values are for 12 hours in seconds)
  1. Increase the heap space per process by using the following query:

set DEVELOPER_PARAMETERS = ‘J:oracle.apps.fnd.cp.gsf.GSMServiceController:-mx4096m’

  1. Restart the Concurrent Managers for the changes to take effect.

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