DB Cold Backup of ORACLE R12.2 step by step

1. Crontab Check

If you want to take cold backup, first check-in database   Crontab Job scheduled or not  
Check the status of the crontab

[root@r12prddb ~]# crontab -l
00 01 * * 1-5 su oraprod -c “. /home/oraprod/rman_script/Prod_rman_fullbkp.sh”
40 01 * * 1-5 su oraascp -c “. /home/oraascp/rman_scripts/rman_full_backup.sh”
40 02 * * 1-5 su obieedb -c “. /home/obieedb/rman_scripts/Rman_fullbackup.sh
now disable the crontab , using command crontab -e
#00 01 * * 1-5 su oraprod -c “. /home/oraprod/rman_script/Prod_rman_fullbkp.sh”
#40 01 * * 1-5 su oraascp -c “. /home/oraascp/rman_scripts/rman_full_backup.sh”
Please add sysmbol #
now check-in status of the crontab -l
Note: if crontab is active

, we can not shut down the database.

2.Pre clone the PROD DB
We are connecting to <oraprod> USER
oraprod@r12prddb ~]$ cd  /u01/PROD/db/tech_st/12.1.0/ 
oraprod@12prddb  12.1.0] cd   appsutil/scripts/PROD_r12prddb
oraprod@r12prddb PROD_r12prddb]$ pwd
[oraprod@r12prddb PROD_r12prddb]  perl adpreclone.pl dbTier 

preclone runnig Max 4 to 5 mins
Preclone Successfully completed in PROD EBS DB
Once done we can take a backup,
Note : In ORACLE EBS  first stop all application services then after only down the Database
Down the database Procedure :
1. Stop All application Services 
2. Check the database status
[oraprod@r12prddb ~]$ ps -ef | grep tns
oraprod 27642 1 0 May11 ? 00:00:09 /u01/PROD/db/tech_st/12.1.0/bin/tnslsnr PROD -inherit
oraprod 30501 30457 0 02:35 pts/6 00:00:00 grep tns
source the database 
[oraprod@r12prddb ~]$cd /u01/PROD/db/tech_st/12.1.0/
[oraprod@r12prddb 12.1.0]$
[oraprod@r12prddb 12.1.0]$ . PROD_r12prddb.env
2. Shut down the database
[oraprod@r12prddb 12.1.0]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> select name from v$database;
SQL > shut immediate
database down , now stop the listener
SQL> exit
[oraprod@r12prddb 12.1.0]$  lsnrctl stop PROD
3. TAR Backup :
Note : take backup before check mount point space is available or not 
 connect to <root> user then will take backup
DATABASE Location is /u01/PROD/db
now we want take backup of   “db”
we are going to take backup of TAR backp 
Using TAR command take backup of DB
command  is < tar -cvzf file.tar.gz db/>
file.tar.gz  is backup loaction
db is backup of the source file
[root@r12prddb PROD]  tar -cvzf  /backup/PROD/12May20/prod_db_fullbkp.tar.gz  db/
Time is taking depends on the database size.



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