ERROR “Use of uninitialized value $result in split “at /u01/TESTASCP/fs1/EBSapps/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 1294.

I started adop patch, the first phase  I got this type of Error
The file txkADOPValidations.error for adop session shows the following:
 Use of uninitialized value $result in split at 
/u01/TESTASCP/fs1/EBSapps/appl/au/12.0.0/perl/TXK/ line 1294.
Root Cause is Patch context file is missing in the FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES table
Solution :
1. Get the value of the Context file

Source the PATCH file system
2. Echo value of $CONTEXT FILE, Note the Context_file, use  in step: 4
3. Source the RUN File system
4. on the Master node, execute the command in the Run file system to upload the patch context file in the database
   action=upload contextfile=<Enter Your Full Patch Context XML File Location>
  Example :
   action=uplod       contextfile=/u01/oracle/PROD/fs2/inst/apps/PROD_ebsapp/appl/admin/PROD_ebsapp01.xml
5. Finally run the query and should return some values :
 select distinct(PATH) from FND_OAM_CONTEXT_FILES where NAME not in (‘TEMPLATE’,’METADATA’,’config.txt’) and CTX_TYPE=’A’ and (status is null or upper(status) in (‘S’,’F’)) and EXTRACTVALUE(XMLType(TEXT),’//file_edition_type’) = ‘patch’;
now Once again start the ADOP phase=prerpare
now the issue has been solved.

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