How to schedule Concurrent Program/Request in Oracle Apps?

Concurrent Program is perhaps of the main usefulness accessible in Oracle Apps. It permits clients to parallelly submit occupations. These program run behind the scenes and nonconcurrent way. You can present different occasions of a similar program. A concurrent manager controls and deals with the running of this multitude of program.

This is the way users interact with concurrent programs.

The scheduling option is available when you submit a concurrent program. Navigate to respective responsibilities and open the SRS form.

In this case, navigate to System Administrator->Requests->Submit a New Request->Single Request and select the Gather Schema Statistics program.

The default scheduling option is As soon as Possible.Click on the Schedule button to change it. This opens a window showing different schedule options.

As soon as possible – This is the default option. As the name suggests, the concurrent manager starts it as soon as it has a necessary resource available like a concurrent process.

Once – This scheduling option allows you to submit the program on a specific date and time

Click on Run at a box to open a calendar. Choose the date and time when the program should run. You can use the arrow to change month and year. Mention date in 6.30 hours format with AM and PM option and click OK.

Periodically – This option allows you to schedule a concurrent program for the specific interval.

Select the one which you want and click on OK. This copies that schedule to the current concurrent program as shown below.

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