PO Reassign

The management of the following systems, applications and technical infrastructure:

  • Reassign the PO to another user
  • Change the ownership of a PO

This document does not include the management of the following systems:

  • Rewinding a PO

Procedure Steps

  • Login to oracle application as sysadmin user
  • Go to the following Path

Workflow administrator -> Administrator Workflow -> Status Monitor

Enter the PO number in “User Key” and type of the workflow in “Workflow type”

Select the PO which you want to reassign and select activity history

Select the row which has status “Notified” and Notification as “Open”. To reassign chose the option Reassign

Present in Reassign option or Click the “Open” in Notification column and select reassign option.

  • Give the user name to whom you want to reassign the PO in the Assignee column
  • To transfer the entire ownership of the PO select the option “Transfer notification Ownership”

Note :

You cannot reassign the PO to the same user who are holding that PO currently. It will throw the error “PO is
already assigned to the user”.

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