To Acess A Custom PDF File In R12.2 EBS 

  1. Source the application
    [applmgr@preprdapp TESTPROD]$ . EBSapps.env E-Business Suite Environment Information

RUN File System : /preapp/TESTPROD/fs1/EBSapps/appl
PATCH File System : /preapp/TESTPROD/fs2/EBSapps/appl
Non-Editioned File System : /preapp/TESTPROD/fs_ne

DB Host: Service/SID: TESTPROD

E-Business Suite Environment Setting

  • Enter [R/r] for sourcing Run File System Environment file, or
  • Enter [P/p] for sourcing Patch File System Environment file, or
  • Enter anything else to exit Please choose the environment file you wish to source [R/P]:r Sourcing the RUN File System …

[applmgr@preprdapp TESTPROD]$

2.Change the $FND_TOP/secure directory
[applmgr@preprdapp TESTPROD]$ cd $FND_TOP/secure

[applmgr@preprdapp secure]$ ls -lrt allowed_extensions.conf
-rwxr-xr-x 1 applmgr dba 713 Jun 18 20:45 allowed_extensions.conf allowed_extensions_custom.conf and add the following contents:

extension pdf

4.To run the following query

java MODE=custom INPUT_FILE=/preapp/TESTPROD/fs1/EBSapps/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/allowed_extensions.conf DBC=$FND_SECURE/TESTPROD.dbc

All output, errors and information can be found in the log file at /Test/TESTPROD/fs1/inst/apps/TESTPROD_appsprod/logs/WLDataMigration18_06_2022_21_44.log
Enter APPS username: apps

Enter APPS password:

*** Time [18/06/2022 21:44] ***
WLDataMigration run with following parameters:
Mode: custom
Input File: allowed_extensions.conf
Input File Type: CONF

Parsing mode: Recursive

[WARNING] You’re attempting to load a seeded file in CUSTOM mode. All resources will be loaded under the CUSTOM product.
Continue [Y/N]?
Parsing the input file for web resources…

Gathering resource information from APPL_TOP…

Processing file… [allowed_extensions.conf]
Finished parsing.

Loading parsed web resources into the DB now…

1 resources loaded successfully.

All output, errors and information can be found in the log file at /Test/TESTPROD/fs1/inst/apps/TESTPROD_appsprod/logs/WLDataMigration18_06_2022_21_44.log

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[applmgr@preprdapp secure]

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